We are engaged in supplying industrial furnaces and industrial oven as per customers’ specifications with superb design and excellent quality. These are offered in process specific finishes. Further, our industry expertise also allows us to deliver these in finish specifications as demanded by the customers.

Rotary Furnace


Rotary furnace is mainly used for melting.
1. Lead
2. Aluminum melting
3. Copper melting etc.

Rotary furnace is gas fired, diesel fired of furnace oil fired. The rotary furnace is rotated or tilted. One end burner will be fitted and other end will be having movable exhaust duct to load material . The exhaust duct will be having cyclone seperator, wet scrubber or dry scrubber, bag house etc.
Heat Treatment Furnaces (Rotary Furnace)

Tilting Furnace


We also offer premium Bulk Melting/Tilting Furnaces that are mainly used for random melting of runner, raiser and ingot. These furnaces are also used for the preparation of molten metal. In addition to this it is to be noted that after melting the molten aluminum, it is treated for de slaging and de gassing. These furnaces are indirectly fired by gas or liquid fuel and metal is tapped by tilting the furnace. The tilting is done by manually or with the help of hydraulic cylinders.

  1. Manual tilting furnace: Here the tilting furnace is held on two shafts mounted on bearing blocks and this shaft is actuated manually by work and worm gear with steering type handler.
Hydraulic tilting mechanism: Here the furnace is held as explained in manual tilting mechanism and a hydraulic cylinder is used for tilting the furnace along with the hydraulic power pack. 
  Heat Treatment Furnaces (Tilting Furnace)
Hearth Furnance
  Designed for LPG firing, we offer premium Bogie Hearth furnaces. Here by implementing gas firing we insulate the furnace using ceramic fiber module lining. These furnaces have walls, roof and also have movable bogie hearth. Here Bogie can be placed on wheels to move manually or mechanically using winch mechanism. In this system the door sealing is provided by butting door lining and collar lining. In addition to this hearth brick to brick sealing is provided by stepped lining and bogie have stand sealing arrangements all over bogie sides except front or side. These Bogie Hearth furnaces (gas fired type) are also provided with single burner up to 2 tonnes batch capacity.   Heat Treatment Furnaces (Hearth Furnace)

Bell Furnace


We are also proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading names to offer Bell Furnaces as per clients' requirements. This product is widely used for annealing, stress relieving of casting etc. Here the heat treatment operation is controlled by cooling cycle. This unit is provided with 3 starts and the heat input during heating cycle can be utilized in the next set up by sucking of heat to preheat. In addition to this the raw materials as well as recuperators are used to pre heat the combustion air. The third bed is used for loading and unloading raw material. 

  1. Maximum heat utilized for heat treatment.
  2. Loading and unloading can be done, for which the
    production will not stop.
  3. More weight components can be easily handled.
  Heat Treatment Furnaces (Bell Furnace)

Crucible Melting Furnace


We at Pyrotech Engineers, are proud to state that we are one of the few names to offer premium Crucible Melting Furnaces that are easy to install and require less maintenance.
Manufactured as:

  • Melting furnaces
  • Melting cum holding furnaces
  • Holding furnaces (only for Aluminum) are mainly used in gravity die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Pressure die casting units
Featured with high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, lower mental loss, they also have high oxidation and corrosion resistance.
  Heat Treatment Furnaces (Crucible Melting Furnace)
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