Our years of experience in installing our products in a diversity of industries, we have constantly adopted technology and applied it in our wide product range included Heaters & Heating Equipment and Heat Treatment Furnaces. Easy to operate and featured with long working life, our products are the result of in-depth market analysis. Today, we are one of the few names to incorporate innovative and highly creative skills to produce and supply an exclusive range of premium quality furnaces and drying ovens, like:

Stationary Pre-Heating System


Designed in accordance to international standards, we offer stationary pre-heating systems that are mainly used for following requirement:

  1. Curing the moisture level of lining and removing water particles to to achieve best castings production.
  2. Heating for elevated temperature, so that the metal tapped should not reduce the temperature of molten metal.
  3. Reducing the melting temperature of steel.
Note: On request the system can be manufactured for Scrap Pre-heating as well as Ladle Pre-heating system. 
Heaters & Heating Equipment (Stationary Pre Heating System)

Recuperator System

  We at Pyrotech Engineers, are also one of the few names to offer premium Recuperator system at competitive prices. This system is a heat recovery system which can be installed on exhaust path. Designed in accordance to air/fuel ratio, it consists of a recuperator, that is selected according to air/fuel ratio the shell and tube type. It is to be noted that the recuperator can pre-heat the combustion air to the tune of 250 C to 300 C and preheated combustion gases are used along with the fuel as combustion fuel mixer. Its chimney is designed up to 1 meter level from the furnace top and atmosphere temperature can be be felt by the operator or shop level from the furnace top. In addition to this the carbon content is very much less and is within the population control board norms.    Heaters & Heating Equipment (Recuperator System)
Pre Heating System
  We are one of the few leading names to offer raw-material pre-heating system at industrial competitive prices. Here the exhaust gases are taken in a Duct, Bend and focused towards raw material placed in a tray assembled on the furnace top cover, so that the raw material can be pre-heated to the tune if 200 C to 250 C. It is to be noted that in this system, the raw material is preheated more than 100 C, and the moisture observed by the raw material is removed so that during melting and production process the gas inclusion can reduced. Moreover, since the raw material is heated up to 200 C to 250 C the heat value to melt the aluminum/copper/brass is drastically reduced and fuel quantity is reduced there by the working cost is reduced.   Heaters & Heating Equipment (Pre Heating System)

On-Line Pre Heating System

  Justifying our position as one of the leading manufacturers off premium products, we also manufacture On-line pre-heating systems. These systems are mainly used in fasteners unit. Here the fasteners can be loaded as bulk in conveyor furnace for pre heating, heating and soaking and in final quenched in oil quenching tank. Moreover the quenched fasteners are taken out using elevators loaded in a screw type hopper system from which the fasteners are further loaded continuously in tempering line conveyor.    Heaters & Heating Equipment (On Line Pre Heating System)

On Line Conveyor Ovens


This world-class units are widely used for manufacturing for steel manufacturing units. The core drying and mould drying ovens are mainly used for continuous production. It also consists of core shooters, that are placed mainly on the two sides of in-let of these ovens so that the core prepared can be placed on trays.

  1. Labour is reduced as the material is loaded directly on conveyor.
  2. Continues production is possible.
  3. Heat energy is saved. 
  Heaters & Heating Equipment (On Line Conveyor Ovens)
Coconut Fibre Drying Equipment

Count shell outer is crushed and fibre is separated from that. We have heat – treat the bulk and moisture is removed from the bulk. The fibre is separated from the sticking particles and made into stems. This is pressed and bundled and sold to coir users.

We are manufacturing the heating equipment. The equipment consists of the tapered cylindrical fabrication stationary unit and inside wire mesh cage is rotated where the bulk fibre is fed. The hot air from the hot air generator is pressurized inside the cage, thus heating coconut fibre. This a continues process. The hot air generator will be of LPG fired or Diesel fired.
  Heaters & Heating Equipment (Coconut Fibre Drying Equipment)

Auto Control System

  Designed in accordance to international quality standards, we also offer premium auto control systems. In our designed auto control system, the furnace molten metal temperature is precisely controlled by using a control panel and the burner is operated with pilot burner system with sequence controlling activity. Intially the blower start and the ignition in the pilot burner start working and then the fuel valve is opened. Once the fuel valve is opened the combustion continuous. It is to be noted that here High/Low firing is implemented. It consist of crucible cover plate, that is fixed so that the level of molten metal in the crucible always remain low. A mechanical fiber sealing is also provided on crucible top from combustion gases escaping in between crucible top collar insulation.   Heaters & Heating Equipment (Auto Control System)
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