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Our years of experience in installing our products in a diversity of industries, we have constantly adopted technology and applied it in our wide product range included Heaters & Heating Equipment and Heat Treatment Furnaces. Easy to operate and featured with long working life, our products are the result of in-depth market analysis. Today, we are one of the few names to incorporate innovative and highly creative skills to produce and supply an exclusive range of premium quality furnaces and drying ovens, like:

Coconut Fibre Drying Equipment

Coconut Fibre Drying Equipment

Count shell outer is crushed and fibre is separated from that. We have heat – treat the bulk and moisture is removed from the bulk. The fibre is separated from the sticking particles and made into stems. This is pressed and bundled and sold to coir users.

We are manufacturing the heating equipment. The equipment consists of the tapered cylindrical fabrication stationary unit and inside wire mesh cage is rotated where the bulk fibre is fed. The hot air from the hot air generator is pressurized inside the cage, thus heating coconut fibre. This a continues process. The hot air generator will be of LPG fired or Diesel fired.