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Our years of experience in installing our products in a diversity of industries, we have constantly adopted technology and applied it in our wide product range included Heaters & Heating Equipment and Heat Treatment Furnaces. Easy to operate and featured with long working life, our products are the result of in-depth market analysis. Today, we are one of the few names to incorporate innovative and highly creative skills to produce and supply an exclusive range of premium quality furnaces and drying ovens, like:

On-Line Pre Heating System

On Line Pre Heating System

Justifying our position as one of the leading manufacturers off premium products, we also manufacture On-line pre-heating systems. These systems are mainly used in fasteners unit. Here the fasteners can be loaded as bulk in conveyor furnace for pre heating, heating and soaking and in final quenched in oil quenching tank. Moreover the quenched fasteners are taken out using elevators loaded in a screw type hopper system from which the fasteners are further loaded continuously in tempering line conveyor.