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Our years of experience in installing our products in a diversity of industries, we have constantly adopted technology and applied it in our wide product range included Heaters & Heating Equipment and Heat Treatment Furnaces. Easy to operate and featured with long working life, our products are the result of in-depth market analysis. Today, we are one of the few names to incorporate innovative and highly creative skills to produce and supply an exclusive range of premium quality furnaces and drying ovens, like:

Recuperator System

Recuperator System

We at Pyrotech Engineers, are also one of the few names to offer premium Recuperator system at competitive prices. This system is a heat recovery system which can be installed on exhaust path. Designed in accordance to air/fuel ratio, it consists of a recuperator, that is selected according to air/fuel ratio the shell and tube type. It is to be noted that the recuperator can pre-heat the combustion air to the tune of 250 C to 300 C and preheated combustion gases are used along with the fuel as combustion fuel mixer. Its chimney is designed up to 1 meter level from the furnace top and atmosphere temperature can be be felt by the operator or shop level from the furnace top. In addition to this the carbon content is very much less and is within the population control board norms.